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Pulsar 50

This is the updated Shuttleworth 50.
"There is no doubt that this design pushes the performance limits of a cruising boat further than has ever been attempted is not idle speculation that this will be the fastest cruising boat in the world. With everything possible being done to achieve outstanding windward performance, and a top speed of over 30 knots, the Pulsar 50 is going to be a very exciting boat to sail. Yet the four comfortable double state rooms, a saloon that seats eight people, a large galley, full sized chart table and workshop, and a deck area where 40 people can party in comfort, still give the boat excellent cruising potential. This type of design makes sense to many people who would like to race and yet do not feel inclined to invest so much money in an all out racing boat that has a limited life span, and worse still, a low resale value. By designing the Pulsar 50 with good interior volume and clean aerodynamics, I believe that we can fulfil the requirement for outstanding performance, and yet retain a high value as a fast cruiser for many years to come."
The Pulsar 50, that's 50 feet of amazing!

"This Catamaran...pushes back the boundaries of performance cruising further than has ever been attempted before." -John Shuttleworth

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