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Kings Pointer Makes Father's Catamaran Dream a Reality
Marissa Bholan May 2015
William "Willie" Pack '00 grew up with a love for sailing and adventure in the shadow of his father, Tom Pack.  Tom was a Marine Corps Helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  His passion, howev er was racing sailboats--a passion he shared with his son.
In the early 1980's Tom started to research boat designers and came across John Shuttleworth--a naval architect with a reputation for designing fast, strong and safe boats....
Dream Big Follow Up

William Pack May 2014

This is a guest post from a great friend of mine, Will Pack, who’s story I shared previously, but I thought it would be great to hear it in more details and in Wills own words, with his passion.

Will has set himself a hugely audacious goals, something few of us...

Dream Big

Gordon Tredgold May 2014

I often write about setting Big Bold Goals, about Dreaming Big and looking to inspire yourself and your teams and was once again reminded how powerful and inspiringthis can be when I read an article in the paper about a good friend of mine Will Pack.

Will and I worked together over 10 years ago, and I knew that one of his passions was sailing, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise to me when he set about a goal for this passion, which was building a boat. I have been following the progress via Facebook where Will often posts pictures and gives a brief update of the progress.

However, it wasn’t until I read the following article in the Hutt News that I realised just how much of a Big Bold Goal he had set himself and lets just say I am truly inspired.

This is really amazing and dwarfs...

Constructing the Catamaran

Michael Freeman May 2014

Next winter, Tom Pack is thinking of being in Georgetown — not the one where he lives, but the city by the same name in the Bahamas.

“I get cedar fever,” he said. “You’re not going to see me January, February, March. I’m going to be in the Bahamas.”

He plans to get there in a 32-foot long catamaran he...

Father-son Make Boat Dream a Reality

Christine Bolaños April 2014

A father and son duo is building a boat with the plans of entering into a race and then sailing it across the Atlantic Ocean and possibly, the world. The project is a dream in the making...

Forty-Two Steps Ahead of the Law

A Story about Tom Pack with Jeri in Tow

Lavelle Carlson January 2014


This is the story of two very different people and how they came to be a couple in spite of the differences. Jeri was born in Pennsylvania and never moved to another town as a child. Tom, on the other hand, moved to forty-two different towns in ten different states before...

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