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Welcome to  This is a story about Tom, my father.  Tom is a disabled war veteran, shot down four times, in Vietnam, while flying a Marine Corps CH46 attempting (successfully) to save the lives of fellow Marines.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.

This is about his biggest adventure yet, an adventure we are undertaking as a family.  An adventure and a legacy spanning three generations.

Dad and I have been dreaming about owning a catamaran all our lives.  However, we are too picky to buy just any catamaran, so we decided to build the design he has been dreaming about.

Simply put, this is the best catamaran ever designed. If that's not enough, send us an email using our contact page and I'll tell you more.

William Pack

William is the founder of Packsail.  In pursuit of his father's dream of owning the best design of sailing catamaran in the world William took charge in the construction of SV Josephine and founded Packsail.  A lifelong sailor and graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy, William's dream is to build more of these legendary designs.

Tom Pack
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